Word 2013 How-to: Recover previous file revisions

Written by Alan Tuesday, 24 September 2013 07:00

It happens more often than we think, or want. That Office file gets closed either by accident or computer problem or, perhaps we just save a revision over it and then realize that the older version was really the better one. Thankfully it is not that hard to move backwards like a time traveler, but it does require a bit of setup first.

To have Office apps save this revision history you need to first enable the ability for it. Its an easy step and it actually should be enabled by default.

In Word 2013 head to File and click Options, then the Save menu item. You should notice that “save autorecover¬†information every” is checked and, by default, is set to 10 minutes. If it isn’t, then enable it. Set to the time to your desired interval — I prefer two minutes, but I write fast and hate to re-do work.

Now the question is, where do you get those files when something bad happens. Again, this is an easy process. Again we travel back to the File menu, but this time click on Info and look under versions. Here you will find all previous saves and revisions of you file. Click whichever one you wish to revert to.

word 2013 file recovery Word 2013 How to: Recover previous file revisions

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 Word 2013 How to: Recover previous file revisions


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