How To: Turn Off Web History in Bing

Written by Alan Wednesday, 24 October 2012 07:00

While there is no danger of Bing passing Google, at least anytime in the foreseeable future, it has been making steady gains in the search market.  It also has a lot of built-in customizable features.  You can change settings for location, language, safe search and a lot more. Like Google, Bing also saves your history, which could be a problem for the privacy conscious out there.  However, this can also be turned on or off, although it’s on by default.

To make changes to this feature you will need to browse to the Bing homepage and click on the Preferences button (the gear icon) at the top right of the page.  Note that you will need to log into your Microsoft account, formerly known as the Windows Live account, to make changes to the settings.

From the left column click on “Search History”.  Here you will find several options, including “Turn on/off”, “Clear search history” and “See search history”.

bing search history settings How To: Turn Off Web History in Bing

You can find a number of other settings available from the left column.  You can also access sign-in information and Bing rewards by clicking your name at the top right.

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 How To: Turn Off Web History in Bing


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