Chrome How To: Share Tabs Between Computers

Written by Alan Sunday, 7 October 2012 06:00

Many Chrome users are probably, at least somewhat, aware that the browser allows “syncing”.  When first installing it on a new computer, a user can log in with their Google account and all of their saved bookmarks, extensions, passwords, and more will all be populated in a matter of minutes.  However, some of you may not be aware that you can also sync open tabs from another computer as well.

You will need to make sure you sign into Chrome on each computer you use.  You can do this by clicking “Settings” at the right side of the menu bar, next to your extensions.  Scroll down and click the “Sign in to Chrome” option.

sign in to chrome Chrome How To: Share Tabs Between Computers

Now open a New Tab and, at the bottom right of the screen, click the arrow next to “Other Devices”.  Bear in mind that Chrome will need to be open on another device in order for you to get any results here.  You will see a list of current devices and the tabs that are open on them.  Click the down arrow next to a device name and choose “Open all” to open the tabs from that device.

chrome other devices Chrome How To: Share Tabs Between Computers

While it’s a simple process, we do hope that in the future Google finds a way to retain tabs from the last session of Chrome on other devices, making it possible to open them from a computer you shut off before leaving home.  Incidentally, for that we still use TabCloud around here.

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 Chrome How To: Share Tabs Between Computers


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