Manage Add-ons in IE 10 for Windows 8

Written by Alan Saturday, 29 September 2012 06:00

 Manage Add ons in IE 10 for Windows 8

Windows 8 comes with a brand new version of the Microsoft web browser, Internet Explorer.  With IE 10 there are new features, including the controversial Do Not Track privacy feature.  While the feature isn’t controversial among users, it’s actually a huge plus, it has caused many advertisers and other services to howl.  The browser also contains other controls that let users decide what features they want to enable and disable.

When you launch Internet Explorer 10 and click the “Tools” button (the gear icon at the top right) you will find an option for “Manage add-ons”.  This actually does a bit more than just managing the browser add-ons.

When you open the “Manage add-ons” box you will find several option.  The first is to handle “Toolbars and extensions”.  This allows you to handle all of the extras that are installed into the browser.  Click any of the extras in the list and then choose the “Enable” or “Disable” button at the bottom of the screen.

ie 10 toolbars and extensions Manage Add ons in IE 10 for Windows 8

Menu item two is “Search Providers”, which will let you set what search engine the browser uses.  By default this is Bing and it’s likely the only option here unless the user adds another.

ie 10 search providers Manage Add ons in IE 10 for Windows 8

Menu item number three is “Accelerators” which adds extensions to provide simple tasks like email, mapping and more.

ie 10 accelerators Manage Add ons in IE 10 for Windows 8

Finally, there is “Tracking Protection”, which will be on by default in the RTM version of Windows 8, but is not not on here is the Release Preview.

ie 10 tracking protection Manage Add ons in IE 10 for Windows 8

All of these options contain a link at the bottom to find more online.  This is a rather hidden way to search for extensions for the browser.

Internet Explorer 10 isn’t tremendously different from the previous version, but it’s certainly more compliant and more secure than any previous version of the browser.  As of now, the browser will not be supported in any other version of Windows.

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 Manage Add ons in IE 10 for Windows 8


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  1. ROBERT BUGBEE   |  Monday, 30 September 2013 at 7:50 am

    My add-ons are not listed in MANAGE ADD-ONS. Do you know why and how to correct?

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