Mozilla Announces 3 Billion Firefox Add-on Downloads

Written by Alan Thursday, 26 July 2012 12:51

Mozilla introduced the world to add-ons, or extensions, with Firefox way back in 2004, and it revolutionized the web browser industry.  Now all of the major browsers have followed suit, but Firefox is perhaps still the leader in this market.  Today they announced that they have surpassed a staggering 3 billion add-on downloads.

“We are excited to announce that we just crossed more than 3 billion downloads* of Firefox Add-ons!”  Mozilla asterisked this statement by specifying that this number is pure add-ons and does not include themes or personas.  They further broke down the numbers – more than 85 percent of Firefox users have installed at least one add-on, more than 25,000 developers, the most popular extensions are AdBlock Plus, Firebug, NoScript, Personas Plus and Video DownloadHelper, and the most popular categories include privacy and security, search tools, bookmarks and themes.

To celebrate this milestone, Mozilla created an infographic that displays the numbers we just mentioned in an easy-to-understand picture.  You can check out the image below.

Infographic 3BillionAddons1 600x1578 Mozilla Announces 3 Billion Firefox Add on Downloads

Source: Mozilla Blog



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 Mozilla Announces 3 Billion Firefox Add on Downloads


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1 Comment

  1. R R OWENS   |  Friday, 14 September 2012 at 7:22 pm

    I was one of the first to download the FIRST firefox and I began telling everyone I could about this great new browser which was faster, less complicated and ran circles around Internet Explorer.
    Sadly today, I removed my beloved Firefox for several reasons.
    1. Today’s Firefox is trying to out do all the others by adding more and more junk, slowing it down, and making it almost impossible to get on do what you want and get off.
    2. Uninteresting Ads are scattered all over the place and the waiting time to get from one page to another is becoming longer and longer.
    3. Today I called Firefox support and I had to speak to a dude in INDIA. If the browser was simple the way it began you wouldn’t have to hire a support team….especially from the other side of the world.

    Firefox… I will NEVER load your browser on my PC unless you go back to simplicity which was the main reason I used you in the beginning. Sorry… it’s but your fault I’m leaving.

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