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Written by Alan Sunday, 8 July 2012 06:00

Chrome is the browser of choice for many power users because of it’s speed and it’s ability to remain stable with a lot of tabs open.  However, users who frequently work with many open tabs can be frustrated when trying to find a particular item in one of those tabs.  For instance, you may be researching something, and you have a bunch of web sites open about that topic, but you forget where a certain bit of useful information is hiding.  That’s when it would be nice to be able to search all of the text in all of the tabs at one time.

A Chrome extension called FullSearch allows users to search all of their open tabs at one time and it does so very quickly.  To use the app you will just need to install it from the Chrome Web Store and then set it up.  The setup simply requires you to choose a keyboard shortcut to pull up the search box when you need it.  Search on individual pages in Chrome can be accessed by hitting “Ctrl-F” so perhaps to make it easy to remember you could set FullSearch to open with “Shift-F”.  Once the pop-up box appears just enter the word(s) you are looking for, hit “Enter” and you’re off and running.

With FullSearch it doesn’t matter how many tabs you have open, the app can handle any number.  It’s very quick, even across a large number of open tabs, and it displays the results right in the pop-up.  You can get it by visiting the Chrome web Store.

fullsearch Search All Open Tabs in Chrome

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 Search All Open Tabs in Chrome


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