Windows 8 Features: Pre-Installed Apps

Written by Alan Saturday, 12 May 2012 06:00

Like all previous versions of Windows, Windows 8 will come with some software pre-installed.  In this case the vast majority of it will be the new Metro style apps that reside on the Metro Start screen.  Windows 8 will be vastly different from previous versions of the operating system as Microsoft has radically changed in the interface and is encouraging developers to build Metro-style apps instead of traditional programs.

We have heard recently that Mozilla is working on a Metro Firefox and we just saw a demo of a Metro Box app, but there are many, many more apps under development and a few already in the Windows Store. So, what does Windows 8 currently come with by default?  Microsoft provides a link to that information right in the Store.

windows 8 cp got apps Windows 8 Features: Pre Installed Apps

When you click that link you are taken to a list of 14 apps, some created by Microsoft and some from third-party developers.  There’s a mix of games like Pinball FX2 and Solitaire (which has been in Windows since time immemorial), cloud storage in the form of SkyDrive, basic apps for camera, photos, video, and music, a Reader app, a Maps app, Finance, Weather, and an Xbox app.  This list contains only pre-installed apps and doesn’t show user-installed programs.  You can check out the screenshots below.

windows 8 cp pre installed apps 1 Windows 8 Features: Pre Installed Apps

windows 8 cp pre installed apps 2 Windows 8 Features: Pre Installed Apps

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 Windows 8 Features: Pre Installed Apps


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