Microsoft Office OneNote Keyboard Shortcuts

Written by Alan Sunday, 29 January 2012 07:00

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OneNote has become one of the most popular and innovative apps that is included as part of Microsoft Office.  Microsoft clearly loves this app as well because, despite it not being new, they brought it to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last week just to show it off.  While OneNote isn’t yet available for Android or iOS, although that’s coming, it’s one of the more popular items for Windows Phone.  Aside from the mobile app, which has greatly popularized OneNote, the app is also available online through both of Microsoft’s web-based Office applications – Office Web Apps, which is part of Windows Live SkyDrive, and Office 365.

Like all Office programs, and most software in general, OneNote has an extensive list of keyboard shortcuts available for use in it.  Most users require a few keyboard shortcuts to get by in their daily tasks, but there are probably very few who use them extensively.  But those few we use tend to vary some from user to user and that’s why today’s software programs have such long lists of keyboard shortcuts built into them.

If you would like to take your OneNote use beyond the old standby’s like “Ctrl-C” and “Ctrl-P” then I found just what you need.  The Office team from Microsoft have posted a comprehensive list of OneNote shortcuts.  This list is worth browsing through for any average or power Office user.  You can visit this site to view the shortcuts or, if you want a copy for yourself, we have both Word and PDF files for you to download.  The links are posted below, or you can visit our Windows Resources page for these files and more.

OneNote Shortcuts (Word)

OneNote Shortcuts (PDF)

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 Microsoft Office OneNote Keyboard Shortcuts


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