Bing Australia and UK Go Video

Written by Alan Tuesday, 15 November 2011 08:58

bing white lined treefrog background Bing Australia and UK Go Video

It’s been a busy couple of days for Bing, the Microsoft search engine that has been seeing growing popularity both online and with it’s mobile app.  Yesterday Bing Australia came out of beta.  Today, the Bing team had had a couple more announcements.  You may recall that not long ago the search site’s homepage, known for it’s beautiful photo-of-the-day backgrounds, added an HTML5 video background image.

Today, the Bing team announced that HTML5 technology has rolled out to both their Bing Australia and Bing UK sites.  Both search sites launched their video debuts today with the same background – “a White-lined leaf frog crawling up a branch, in Manu National Park, Peru.”  The endlessly replaying short clip is more than just a neat HTML5  video, though.  Microsoft has added a few surprises to the search page.  “Use the handy hotspots to navigate the tropical image and reveal information about all things amphibian, including the frightening fact that the prettiest frogs are often the deadliest and a link to a video on diamagnetism, a peculiar phenomenon that enables frogs the ability to levitate in strong magnetic fields.”

The technology requires the user to have a web browser that is HTML5 capable.  Of course, Microsoft would prefer you choose Internet Explorer 9, but the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, and Safari will also work.  Oh, and in keeping with today’s video, Bing would like you to join them on Twitter and Facebook to discuss and vote on “which amphibian or reptile truly is the most awesome.”  Our vote is for the Basilisk Lizard.  Have you seen those things run on water?!

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 Bing Australia and UK Go Video


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