Google Changes Photo Link from Picasa to Plus (+)

Written by Alan Wednesday, 12 October 2011 12:00

google photos Google Changes Photo Link from Picasa to Plus (+)

Google purchased Picasa in July of 2004 to be their flagship photo program and they have kept up with improvements by expanding it’s capabilities and storage capacity. The service has been free, with a tiered storage rate for heavy users.  They have native apps for Windows XP, Vista, and 7, as well as Linux.  They even released an iPhoto plugin to play nicely with Apple’s OSX.

Earlier this year, Google announced their new social network, known as Plus, which uses Picasa to store it’s users’ photos.  Then, in August, Google announced that Picasa would be rebranded as Google Photos.  According to the report, this is more of a blending of the two services.  “Google will be rebranding two of its major services as part of a push with Google+.”

Now, it seems that the rebranding has begun.  When logged into your Google account, the toolbar  now uses it’s “Photo” option to take users to Google+, as opposed to Picasa.  Google+ shows photos from a user’s circles, photos from the user’s Android phone, photos a users has been tagged in and a list of a user’s Picasa Web albums.  Now, in order visit Picasa you will have to manually type the URL (  Of course, Google+ Photos doesn’t contain all of the options and integration that Picasa has, such as Picnik integration and many of the basic editing options.

This is what Google has decided is the future of Picasa, so like it or not, there is likely no going back.  The interface is more user-friendly, but it would have been nice if Google had waited to makes this change until after getting the previous Picasa functionality added to it.  As of now, it’s like taking a step backwards.

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 Google Changes Photo Link from Picasa to Plus (+)


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