Where Does Firefox Save/Store Bookmarks?

Written by Alan Sunday, 25 September 2011 07:00

logo3 Where Does Firefox Save/Store Bookmarks?

When it comes to a location for storing bookmarks, Firefox is actually more cryptic than Microsoft’s own web browser, Internet Explorer.  That’s saying something given the convoluted locations that Microsoft picks to store particular files.  If you go looking for them without a little bit of an idea of what direction in which to head, then you could drown in Windows Explorer.  Mozilla points it out, but it takes some searching through their online help.  To save you that search, here’s a quick rundown on where to head to.

1. First you will need enable the viewing of “hidden files”.  To do that click Start and in the search box type Hidden files.  This will open the “folder options” window.

2. The list is alphabetical so locate Hidden Files and click the radio button next to Show hidden files, folders, and drive.

folder options hidden files Where Does Firefox Save/Store Bookmarks?

3. Now, click Start => Computer and then click on the C drive.

4. Navigate to Users => user name => AppData => Local => Mozilla => Firefox => Profiles.

firefox profile folder Where Does Firefox Save/Store Bookmarks?

The profile will be a strangely named folder – a seemingly random string of letters and number.  This folder contains all of profile data, including bookmarks, but don’t expect to see them in there.  It’s not a list you can browse like IE’s Favorites folder.  This is the folder, though, that you want to copy, along with it’s contents.  Store on a USB drive as a backup, or use it replace the file on another PC to get all your data onto that computer’s Firefox.

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 Where Does Firefox Save/Store Bookmarks?


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