Paperport Anywhere – A Dropbox Alternative

Written by Alan Saturday, 17 September 2011 07:00

paperport anywhere Paperport Anywhere   A Dropbox Alternative

In case you don’t know, Dropbox is one of our favorite apps here at MWE.  We use is for sharing files, and my wife uses it for sharing lessons with her students.  Recently we were asked to try out Paperport Anywhere.  Paperport Anywhere is a Dropbox-like app from Nuance that has a lot of great features.  It syncs your documents from your computer to the cloud without the use of a desktop app.  Using the file sharing technology that runs Paperport 14, Paperport Anywhere scans the files in your selected folder and pushes those file online.  These features also work well for scanning, stacking, and creating PDF files in the “cloud”.

Users will need to sign up for Paperport 14, free for 1 GB accounts (500 MB maximum file size).  If you need more space then there are two paid plans available – 10 GB for $9.99 per month and 50 GB for $24.99 per month.  Those are slightly more price than Dropbox ($9.99 per 50 GB and $19.99 per 100 GB), but they also haven’t had Dropbox’s recent security woes….yet.

There are cloud apps available for both iOS and Android.  You can also connect to services such as, Skydrive, and Google Docs.  The Paperport site lists the following features:

Easy ways to get paper and digital files into the cloud

  • Right click folders and files from within PaperPort 14 and upload them to the cloud
  • Upload any files using any web browser
  • Scan directly into a cloud connected folder using PaperPort 14
  • Forward emails and attachments directly into your PaperPort Anywhere account
  • Turn your phone into a scanner and capture to the cloud on the go


  • 256-bit AES encrypted SSL communication
  • Dedicated firewall per server
  • MacAfee Hacker-Safe daily security audits
  • Data stored and backed-up in multiple data center for extra redundancy
  • System built on Amazon’s proven datacenter infrastructure
  • Physical access to datacenters prohibited and protected by two-factor authentication and highly secure facilities

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

  • OCR powered by OmniPage, a market leading technology by Nuance Communications
  • Cloud based OCR converts scans into text-searchable PDF, including smart phone scans
  • Seamless integration with PaperPort 14 desktop OCR
  • Basic plan includes 50 pages of cloud OCR per month, 1000 pages for Professional and 2000 for Premium

To download, install, and try it out, you can visit Paperport Anywhere.  It’s certainly worth signing up for a free account and giving a test run.  It may not replace Dropbox, but it’s worthy of a try, and it adds some much-needed extra free cloud storage to your arsenal.

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 Paperport Anywhere   A Dropbox Alternative


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