Windows Security No Longer as Vulnerable as You Think

Written by Alan Monday, 15 August 2011 12:00

microsoft security essentials Windows Security No Longer as Vulnerable as You Think

Microsoft has, for years, taken abuse over it’s security, and sometimes (XP and before) it was rightfully given abuse.  But the Redmond software giant has to be given credit for their steady improvement.  It began in XP when SP1 turned on the firewall by default, continued with Vista, and has hit the big-time in Windows 7.

Now, one of the leading internet security firms, Kaspersky, has released some big news – Microsoft no longer has any software on their top ten vulnerability list.  In fact, not only is it a bit of redemption for Microsoft, but a real black eye for two other companies – Adobe and Oracle are in sole possession of the entire top ten list.  Adobe’s Flash Player, not surprisingly, racked up seven of the top ten vulnerabilities.

The findings were endorsed at last week’s Black Hat Security Conference, by speaker Chris Padget – “Vista was a giant leap in the right direction …World-leading’ is entirely appropriate…Microsoft’s security process is spectacular…If security is a process, not a product, Microsoft deserves a lot of credit. Vista was a giant leap in the right direction.”

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 Windows Security No Longer as Vulnerable as You Think


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