Bing Maps Gets A New User Interface

Written by Alan Monday, 11 July 2011 05:40

bing logo1 Bing Maps Gets A New User Interface

Microsoft’s Bing team has unveiled a new user interface for Bing Maps.  The new UI is for the computer version (as opposed to mobile) and is available today.  There are a lot of subtle, yet much-needed, differences that users will notice immediately.

The Task and Navigation controls have moved and changed.  The controls, which had previously been scattered across the page, have now been consolidated in the top menu bar, where most apps place such things.  Each button now has a text label, which they lacked before – forcing users to hover over each to see what it was.  In addition, the Bird’s Eye and Aerial images can now also be accessed from the top menu.

Finally, a new “Locate Me” button allows a user to press it have the map automatically center on his or her location (based on the browser’s GeoLocation ability).

To check it out, you can head over to the Bing Maps site.

bing maps interface Bing Maps Gets A New User Interface

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 Bing Maps Gets A New User Interface


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