Gmail has a Problem with Pictures in Email

Written by Alan Friday, 6 May 2011 08:00

It’s hasn’t been well publicized, but some user of Gmail are having problems sending or forwarding email that contain pictures, also known as HTML email.  The problem is not widespread, and I can’t claim to have experienced it personally, but a friend, who forwards a lot mail, now forwards a lot of text with blank boxes contained within them.

He asked me for help and I looked into the issue and found he was not alone.  In fact, I found that Google is aware of the issue, but it doesn’t seem they are in a hurry to fix it.  Perhaps that’s because it affects a relatively small amount of the user base, but if it affects ANYONE it should be a priority.  But, that’s where a large company with a free service gets you – 0 customer support.

gmail utf 8 encoding problem Gmail has a Problem with Pictures in Email

From the Gmail Help page

I passed this information along to my friend and he tried the approaches mentioned, but without luck – switching from default to UTF-8 and change the subject line both made no difference.  I also nosed around online looking for solutions or work-around, but without much luck.  I could only verify that the problem existed for a some users and that there is no consensus for a solution.

It’s a major problem, but for only a few people.  However, it’s kind of important to those few so, hopefully, Google will get on the ball instead of dropping the ball with this.


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 Gmail has a Problem with Pictures in Email


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