Vortexbox Turns A PC Into A Music Server

Written by Alan Wednesday, 6 April 2011 08:00

Based on Linux Fedora, Vortexbox is an open-source software project that allows you to turn an old PC into a music server.  This free app lets you rip any CD or DVD into audio files which are then loaded onto your hard drive and served across your home network.

Vortexbox automatically rips your media when you insert a disc.  It also downloads cover art and ID3 tags.  It can then play your music across your network with Windows, Mac, and Linux, but also with other devices like Boxee, Xbox, AppleTV and Squeezebox.  The music library is organized by the standard categorizations like artists, genre, album, and song, and you can also create central playlists.

Installation is simple – just follow the on-screen instructions.  You should use a dedicated PC, so it’s a good use for an old desktop that you have sitting around.

vortexbox Vortexbox Turns A PC Into A Music Server

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 Vortexbox Turns A PC Into A Music Server


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