See Previous Pages In Firefox 4

Written by Alan Saturday, 26 March 2011 06:00

Firefox 3 displayed a small arrow next to the previous page and next page buttons in the main Firefox toolbar that listed previously accessed web pages and allowed you to choose which one you wanted to go back to.  That little arrow is no longer present in Firefox 4.  However, that doesn’t mean the functionality is gone.  It’s still there, but the interface of Firefox has been cleaned up and streamlined.

Just because you can’t see the page history doesn’t mean it isn’t just as simple to access it though.  Now, instead of clicking that mini arrow next to the big arrow, you can just right-click the big arrow and you will still see, and be able to click on, previously viewed pages.  This is just one more change in the latest version of the Mozilla browser that will take a bit of getting used to.

firefox 4 page history See Previous Pages In Firefox 4

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 See Previous Pages In Firefox 4


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  1. 恵美の女猫   |  Saturday, 30 April 2011 at 2:07 pm

    Thank you for that thread I was actually wondering about where is that drop-down menu. I’m happy to learn it. As far as I remember in my first hours using FF4 I saw that menu but I completely forgot the way I did and was even thinking I may be wrong.
    Another thing I liked on my first hours using Firefox (not only v4) is the ability to duplicate a tab. Once I think it was native functionality but then disappeared. There were addons that added this feature though. Completely in an unwanted manner I discovered that you can duplicate a tab and I didn’t know the way I did it but once I rediscovered it. You just have to middle-click the refresh button which is a great idea. All that time I didn’t knew but you actually can do it on previous versions of Firefox (at least v3 branch). I think it may have replaced the entry in the tab context menu and this is another one change in Firefox interface that is great.
    Thank you again for that info. ;) Thumb up !

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