Windows Remote Media Streaming

Written by Alan Sunday, 13 March 2011 08:00

Pretty much every Windows user is a Windows Media Player (WMP) user as well.  Some, like me, also use Windows Media Center.  Regardless of which you use, this should still be of interest because we all have music, pictures, and video on our PC’s.  Those of us who are using Media Center also have TV shows and full-length movies on our PC’s.  So, what if you are on the road and want to watch one of the TV shows you recorded at home?  Or listen to your music or view your photos?  If you have an internet connection where you are and have set up remote streaming at home then you can do those things.  Here’s how to do it.

1. On the PC you want to share from open WMP.

2. Click Stream and then click Allow Internet access to home media…

wmp allow internet access Windows Remote Media Streaming

3. Select Link an online ID.

4. If you have a Windows Live ID then choose it.  If not, then set one up and then log into it.

5. After signing in, you will be returned to the Internet Home Media Access dialog box. Select Allow Internet access to home media .

6. You will be greeted with a box that confirms you have set up remote streaming.

internet home media access Windows Remote Media Streaming

Now that it’s set up you will have to repeat these steps on the notebook you will be using to access the media while traveling.  You can do this on as many devices as you want.

Now, when you log in to your notebook and open WMP you will see your home PC listed under Other Libraries.  Click that PC and you can browse and play all of the files in it’s libraries – video, pictures, and music.  Access to your home media, from anywhere in the world as long as you have a connection!

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 Windows Remote Media Streaming


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