Power Up Gmail With Rapportive

Written by Alan Monday, 21 February 2011 12:00

For those using Firefox and Gmail there is a way to get a lot more information and lose the Gmail ads at the same time.  There’s a Firefox Add-on called Rapportive.  To install it you will need to visit their website.  The normal way of installing add-ons (Tools => Add-ons => Get Add-ons => Search) does not find Rapportive (conspiracy theory anyone?) .

Before installing Rapportive you will notice your Gmail shows ads above and to the right of your email messages.

gmail top ad Power Up Gmail With Rapportive

gmail side ad Power Up Gmail With Rapportive

After installing Rapportive you will notice new information inserted the position that was previously occupied by the right-side ad is now showing information that is relavent to the particular email you are on.  The top does still show an ad but, because it’s the much smaller of the two, it’s less intrusive.

rapportive Power Up Gmail With Rapportive

Now instead of the right-side ad, you get information you can use.  There is detailed information about the sender of the email so now you can have a better view of if it’s something you need to respond to, can wait on, or disregard altogether.  There’s nothing like making your email simpler and your workflow more streamlined.

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 Power Up Gmail With Rapportive


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