Quickly Give Different Names To Multiple Files In Windows

Written by Alan Sunday, 13 February 2011 08:00

You may be familiar with the two basic methods for renaming multiple files in Windows, but you may not know of another method available.  Most users, when renaming multiple files will use one of two methods – either click the first and last file while holding down the Shift button to highlight all file in between those two, or click individual files while holding the Control button.  These methods are great if you want the files to have the same name.  Windows will differentiate them by putting (#) after them as in the shot below.  But what if you want to give multiple files different names?

1. Select the first file you want to rename by single clicking it and then press the F2 button and type the new file name.

rename files f2 1024x536 Quickly Give Different Names To Multiple Files In Windows

2. When you are done typing your new file name press Tab instead of hitting Enter.

3. Tab will jump you to the next file in the list and automatically highlight it so that you can rename it.  You can continue this to each file in the folder.  Click Tab multiple times to skip over files that you don’t need to rename.

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 Quickly Give Different Names To Multiple Files In Windows


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