Google Releases Web Clipper Extension For Chrome

Written by Alan Tuesday, 1 February 2011 06:10

Today Google released their Web Clipper Extension for Chrome.  It works in conjunction with the Google Docs Clipboard to allow users to copy and paste text and images in the cloud.  When you copy content from the web it s stored in this cloud-based clipboard.  Since files are stored via Docs you will need a Gmail account to use the app and you will need to be logged into the account.

google chrome web clipper Google Releases Web Clipper Extension For Chrome

Once have the extension installed are logged into your Gmail account the highlight text or select an image and then right-click it.  You will see the option to Copy selection to web clipboard.  Unlike the Windows clipboard you can store multiple files in your Docs clipboard.  If you move to a different PC then you can just log into your Docs account and you will still have access to everything in the clipboard.

I could not successfully copy an image even though Google’s blog post said “images and text”.  But on the extension’s download page I noticed it said they are going to

look into supporting copy/pasting of other things, like pictures or youtube videos 

So, it’s not entirely clear if images should or shouldn’t work.  Images support would be great, but it’s still a useful extension, especially if you are using the Chrome OS.

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 Google Releases Web Clipper Extension For Chrome


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