How To Temporarily Disable Microsoft Security Essentials

Written by Alan Friday, 21 January 2011 12:00

The first thing you should know about disabling your antivirus program is that it’s a very bad idea.  If you think you need to do it then sit back and think about it first and then investigate exactly why you are doing it.  Having said that, yes, I know there are times when it becomes necessary.  Those times are few and far between, but they do occur.  Usually it’s a program you are trying to install that prompts you to do it, but that is becoming rarer all of the time.  When a program asks then you need to be on alert and investigate that program to make sure it’s legitimate.

So, with all of that said, here’s how to temporarily disable Microsoft Security Essentials.

1. The first thing you will notice is that MSE doesn’t disable or exit like most programs in your system tray.  If you right-click on it you only get an Open option, not an exit one.  Go ahead and click Open.

mse open How To Temporarily Disable Microsoft Security Essentials

2. Click on the Settings tab at the the top and then click Real-time protection in the left column.

mse settings How To Temporarily Disable Microsoft Security Essentials

3. Now simply uncheck the box next to Turn on real-time protection (Recommended).

The last and most important thing you need to do is to re-enable your antivirus program as quickly as possible and then breathe a sigh of relief.

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 How To Temporarily Disable Microsoft Security Essentials


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1 Comment

  1. Mike   |  Saturday, 05 November 2011 at 5:16 am

    I just wanted to check the computer out since windows security essentials seems to be flawed. I want to run another virus program to see if it picks up whatever this essentials is letting through.
    doesent seem to be shutting off those three things. seems to still be running with the options turned off.

    i am starting to think the essentials program is just some slick way to monitor going’s on under the guise of a free really cool antivirus program. call me paranoid but i have yet another theory that other PAY antiviruse program companies purposly make viruses and release them to make thier own product seem more awesome and make people think they really got a great deal because it saved them.

    since I can’t write programs and be all superior to everything out there I’m screwed under every thought I have about all this, just like everyone else.

    anway- LOL the point is moot really. thanks for this info.

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