How To Access Your Android Phone’s Files In Windows

Written by Alan Monday, 20 December 2010 08:00

android logo How To Access Your Android Phones Files In WindowsSome of you will, no doubt, be receiving the gift of Android this Holiday season.  In fact, some polls show it to be at the top of the charts for mobile gifts, accounting for as much as 31% of the market.

And most of you who receive new Android devices are probably Windows users.  The first question most Windows users have when they get their new Android handset is “how do I connect this to my PC to move files like pictures back and forth?”

It’s actually not very hard at all to do.  But for a new user it seems baffling at first.  Like most things it’s really just one simple trick that solves everything.  Here’s a quick how-to guide.

1. Plug your Android device into your PC via the USB cable.  Windows should automatically download and install the necessary drivers, but if it doesn’t then you can download and install them yourself from here.

2. Once the drivers are installed and your phone is plugged in via USB you should see a USB symbol in the top bar of the phone.

android usb connection How To Access Your Android Phones Files In Windows

3. Drag this bar down to show an expanded view.

android expanded task bar view1 How To Access Your Android Phones Files In Windows

4. Click USB Connection and choose PC Mode and then click OK.

android usb connection choices How To Access Your Android Phones Files In Windows

5. You should see your Windows PC pop up the following box, which will allow manage your media, import pictures and videos, browse files, and change general settings.

android browse files How To Access Your Android Phones Files In Windows

In some cases your phone may come set to PC Mode or one of the other options, but mine came set to Charge Only, and I would assume that most, if not all, probably do.  It’s now simple to drag files back and forth, load pictures onto your PC, and various other tasks.

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 How To Access Your Android Phones Files In Windows


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