Revision3 Releases Media Center Plugin

Written by Alan Thursday, 2 December 2010 08:00

Revision3, the popular video podcast website that boasts such shows as Tekzilla, HDNation, Diggnation, and, has released their own Windows Media Center plugin.  To the best of my knowledge, Rev3 is the first major online video site to release a Media Center plugin, and hopefully it will be the beginning of a trend.

rev3 media center plugin Revision3 Releases Media Center Plugin

Before this there was only Netflix, which was added in conjunction with Microsoft and delivered through a Windows Update.  Microsoft’s own lean, but decent, Internet TV also came in the same Windows Update as Netflix.

The Rev3 plugin comes in 32 bit as well as 64 bit AMD and Intel versions.  They give excellent instructions on their web site about how to download and install the plugin.

The app provides streaming viewing of all of the Rev3 shows.  Since it’s streaming there’s no way to resume a show later if you exit the app, but there is a fast forward.  The fast forward actually works surprisingly quick, considering this is streaming and now downloaded.  I assume there may be some sort of advanced caching going on in the background.

It has a great picture, good media center integration, and good controls to bring you all of their content right on your HTPC.  No more watching Revision3 on the PC.  Now you can kick back on your sofa and enjoy.

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 Revision3 Releases Media Center Plugin


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