Daily Todo – A Web App To Make To Do Lists

Written by Alan Thursday, 11 November 2010 08:00

This is a web app that is dead simple.  In this case that’s both good and bad.  It’s called Daily Todo and it is exactly what the name implies – an online version of the good, old-fashioned to-do list we have all used.  I still keep mine on paper…seriously.  It’s slightly computerized – I have a blank with boxes for Sunday through Saturday set up in Word and I print it every week and then fill it out with a pencil.  I always wanted to make it more high-tech, but I haven’t found the right approach yet.  This is the latest one I have tried.

As you can see from the home page, there’s not much complexity to this site.

home page Daily Todo   A Web App To Make To Do Lists

There’s no need to create an account, choose a user name, choose a password, or do any of those things we are all used to doing.   Just click Create your Daily Todo list and you’re off and running.

Now add any items you want and click Save Tasks.

add items Daily Todo   A Web App To Make To Do Lists

Once you have saved your items you will be greeted with a simple screen that allows you to alter the dates and a radio button to click when you have completed your tasks.

tasks Daily Todo   A Web App To Make To Do Lists

It simple and clean and many people will love the fact that it doesn’t force you to sign up for any kind of account.  But for me that is also a bit of a handicap.  My wife also likes to keep a to do list and we should probably get the kids into that habit so they can better track school work.  But without a sign-in only one person at our IP address can use it.  Sing-ins may be a pain sometimes, but we forget the good things they allow.

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 Daily Todo   A Web App To Make To Do Lists


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