Use RarZilla For UnRaring Files

Written by Alan Wednesday, 8 September 2010 08:00

If you have ever downloaded a file only to find it had a .rar extension and said “huh?” then this is for you.  I remember a few years ago when that exact thing happened to me.  After scrambling around online I found out what RAR files were and what I needed to do.  Now, years later, I am used to RAR files as they have become more and more common.  I have also gone through several programs over that time to uncompress them.  But I think that now, at last, I have a free and simple one that I really like – RarZilla.  Of course, new programs come along all of the time, and I try to test as many as I can, but for now I recommend this one for UnRaring those pesky compressed, downloaded files.

main screen3 Use RarZilla For UnRaring Files

1. To get started open RarZilla and open the downloaded file.

2. Drag and drop the folder or files from the folder window to to the above RarZilla window.

3. That’s it for the basics of how this works.  But, as always, there are more options you can play around with.

In order to play around with some of the new options you need to make sure you get the latest version – 2.57.  There are a lot of links floating around for 2.55, which is missing many of the optional items of 2.57.

First you get an Option tab that allows you work with encrypted files and lets you choose where the outputted unrar file will be stored.  Those are both options that were not available in previous versions.  Being able to choose the destination folder seemed like something that should have been here from the start, but better late than never.

options tab Use RarZilla For UnRaring Files

Next is the new Interface screen.  Here you can choose your language (although you chose that in Setup so it;s unlikely you’ll want to change it).  There are also a few other minor interface options you may want to change, but it’s likely that you will not be changing anything here.  Still, I am glad it has been added in this new version.

interface tab Use RarZilla For UnRaring Files

It’s a pretty simple program, and that’s not a bad thing, especially when there is really only one thing you want to do with it.  It uncompresses RAR files and it does it quickly and painlessly.  It doesn’t take up space or resources and it doesn’t try to install any junk.  So, when you need a program to unrar files this is currently the best option.

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 Use RarZilla For UnRaring Files


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