Auto-Hide Taskbar Won’t Stay Hidden

Written by Alan Tuesday, 5 January 2010 08:00

So you’ve followed our post (HERE) for a clean desktop and one of the steps (auto-hiding the taskbar) just isn’t working?  Join the club!  I never had a problem with this, and I’ve been doing it since the early days of Windows XP.  Then all of a sudden the taskbar starts popping up and stays up!

As it turns out this problem can crop up due to an icon warning in your system tray.  If you have something running in the system tray that pops up a message of any kind, this can (but rarely does) cause the taskbar to no longer hide.  I have had many such messages over the the years and never encountered a problem with this until just recently when AnyDVD started announcing that a new version was available.

Once this message appeared the taskbar would no longer auto-hide.  I even tried going into the settings, un-checking the auto-hide feature, saving that setting and then re-checking and saving again.  As of now the only solution is to simply remove the offending program from auto-starting when Windows starts.  Hopefully it will be a program that you don’t need to having running in the background all the time.

If I find a better fix for this I will post an update here.

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 Auto Hide Taskbar Wont Stay Hidden


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