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Written by Alan Saturday, 26 December 2009 08:00

You NEED to back up your computers.  If you don’t then you WILL loose files.  That’s the plain and simple truth.  Really, you need both local and off-site backup.  Today we are looking at a program that makes local backup easy and also allows for easy local synchronization of files.  Now let’s take a quick look at it.

1. First, there are three version SyncBack Pro, SyncBack SE, and SyncBack Freeware. To get started just download SyncBack HERE.  For most people the freeware version will be enough, but if you want to compare the three before deciding a chart is available HERE.

2. Now let’s open SyncBack and in the top left click Profiles and then New.

profile type1 Software Review   SyncBack

3. Here you have 3 options: Backup, Synchronization, and Group.  I am only covering Backup and Sync here.  The difference between the two, in a nutshell, is that Sync will overwrite or delete files and Backup will not delete.  There are reasons for both.  For example, I have Sync set up to run every ten minutes during the day for the My Documents folders between the desktop and laptop.  That way, whenever a file in this folder is created or changed on one PC it appears almost immediatley on the other.  I have Backup scheduled to run overnight and this looks at all the files in folders such as Documents, Pictures, and Music and adds anything new or changed to the backup folder, while not deleting anything.  This means if you accidentally delete a file it will not delete from your backup and therefore you can still recover it.  And, of course, if you really do want to delete something then you have to delete it from the primary and backup locations.

4. Once you choose between Backup and Sync you will be prompted to name this new profile.  I’d suggest something easy and self-explanatory like “documents backup”.

5. Now we have the main setup window.  Here you enter where your source and destination are and choose between different types of backup.

setup Software Review   SyncBack

6. Once you have set up your backup and pressed OK you can now right-click the profile and choose Schedule.

schedule Software Review   SyncBack

7. Chose Edit Schedule, click on the Schedule tab and enter when and how often you would like this Profile to run.

This has been a very brief overview of what SyncBack can do.  Much more detailed information exists on their website.  I just wanted to give an introduction to the program, what it can do and how easy it is to set up, even if you are not a computer-wiz.

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 Software Review   SyncBack


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