Backup Zune Settings

Written by Alan Sunday, 6 December 2009 08:23

You would think Microsoft would make the back-up and/or transfer of Zune settings as simple as possible.  A one-click button in the software settings, maybe.  But, as with many things, the obvious has escaped notice.

So, here’s how to back-up those settings so you can move them to another PC or recover from an OS re-install.

1. First we need to make a simple system change by enabling viewing of hidden system files.  To do this go to Start and in the search box type “hidden files” and click on the matching result.

hidden files1 Backup Zune Settings

2. Now, in the resulting dialog box locate Hidden Files and Folders and click the radio button next to show hidden files, folders and drives.

show hidden files Backup Zune Settings

3. After clicking OK, we can now go to Start, Computer and click the C drive.

4. Here we will click users and then click the user name of the account your Zune is assigned to.  Now, you will see a slightly dim folder called AppData.

app data Backup Zune Settings

5. From here it’s just a matter of drilling down through several layers, which may vary based on your configuration.  But the file we are looking for is ZuneStore.  In my case, here is the way in: AppData => Local => Microsoft =>Zune.

zunestore Backup Zune Settings

Please note, that, while this does save the vast majority of settings I have experienced one minor problem – while all of my podcast subscriptions were there, in some cases I had to mark some as read that had already been marked on the previous PC.  That is a WHOLE lot easier than resubscribing to them all though!

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 Backup Zune Settings


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  1. RAJPOOT   |  Wednesday, 06 April 2011 at 3:57 pm

    Thanks a million Alan. I spent almost 2 hours to find backup location. I found it in C:\Users\RAJPOOT\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Phone Update.

  2. JB   |  Friday, 25 January 2013 at 6:05 am


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